Dale Jarvis and Associates is a consulting firm in Seattle, Washington specializing in development and implementation of health and human services payment models and service delivery designs to support the American healthcare system’s transition from a model that pays for volume to one that pays for value.

Dale Jarvis, the firm’s founder, has over twenty years’ experience helping health plans, health and human services providers, and state and local governments redesign their systems and organizations to achieve better health for the populations they serve, with better care for individuals, and overall reduced costs. He has contributed articles to several publications and is a co-author of two books on healthcare system redesign.  Mr. Jarvis has been a certified public accountant in the State of Washington and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants since 1982.

Dale Jarvis and Associates’ current focus is on helping ensure that the needs of at-risk and vulnerable Americans are addressed as the health and human services systems are transformed, with a particular emphasis on persons with mental health and substance use disorders. This includes working with states, health plans, regional authorities, and at a national level to develop strategies that align safety net systems with general healthcare system transformation and reform efforts. 

Specific areas of project work include:

  • Design and development of safety net accountable care organizations
  • Configuration of new healthcare payment models and performance measurement systems for safety net populations
  • Organization of regional health authorities to coordinate the payors of health, behavioral health, housing and social services
  • Development of person-centered health homes that include bi-directional care: behavioral health services in primary care and primary care in behavioral health
  • Research and deployment of payment strategies to finance integrated primary care/behavioral health services

For more information please contact:
John Freeman, Administrator
Dale Jarvis and Associates, LLC
Seattle, WA 98101