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The references that follow were compiled by Barbara Mauer for a session sponsored by the California Institute for Mental Health entitled "Know Enough to be Effective (and maybe Dangerous) - Healthcare Reform Intensive Seminar."

The outline follows the format of the "Mental Health/Substance Use Provider High Level Provider Readiness Assessment" that can be downloaded from the Readiness Assessment folder of the download page.


California Integration Policy Initiative Report

Implementation Timeline Reflecting the Affordable Care Act

Leadership and Relationship Building

Relationship Building

The Business Case for Bidirectional Integrated Care‑Two Page Talking Points

California Health Care Almanac (selected slides)

The Business Case for Bidirectional Integrated Care (Full Paper)

Bending the Health Care Cost Curve by Expanding Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Health Care Reform, Medicaid Expansion and Access to Alcohol/Drug Treatment: Opportunities for Disability Prevention

Local Health Assessment and Improvement Plan

Principles for Quality Prevention

Transforming Health: Integrating Prevention in Reform Efforts

County Health Rankings 2010

County Health Rankings Snapshot 2010 Marin

US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations Grade A&B

Public Health Accreditation Board Excerpts from Proposed Local Standards and Measures

Beyond the Affordable Care Act

Designing Vermont’s Pay-for-Population Health System

Local Accountable Care Organization Development

Accountable Care Organizations in California

Toward High-Performance Accountable Care: Promise and Pitfalls

Health Policy Brief Accountable Organizations

State Planning and Decision-Making

Implementing National Health Reform in California

Excerpts from Special Terms and Conditions (STCs) for California’s Bridge to Reform section 1115(a) Medicaid Demonstration

Medicaid Benchmark Benefits In Health Reform: Improvements And Exemptions

Explaining Health Reform: Benefits and Cost-Sharing for Adult Medicaid Beneficiaries

Explaining Health Reform: Building Enrollment Systems That Meet The Expectations of the Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance Exchanges: Key Issues for State Implementation

AB 1602

SB 900

Executive Summary Of Parity Interim Final Rules Analysis

Medicare Program Request for Information Regarding Accountable Care Organizations and the Medicare Shared Saving Program

State Option to Provide Health Homes for Enrollees with Chronic Conditions

Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice Demonstration ‑ Questions & Answers

AB 1542 Assembly Bill and Status

High Performing Specialty Provider – Access and Outcomes

Full Array of Mental Health and Substance Use Services

Description of a Modern Addictions and Mental Health Service System

Rapid Access to Care

Responding to Healthcare Reform and Parity: A Qualitative Approach to Enhanced Treatment Capacity

Consumer Engagement and Person-Centered Care Planning

What ‘Patient-Centered’ Should Mean: Confessions Of An Extremist

Table 1 from Engaging Patients and Families in the Medical Home

Use of Evidence -Based Practices and Programs

CiMH Values-Driven Evidence-Based Practice in Adult/Older Adult Services

CiMH Values-Driven Evidence-Based Practice in Child & Family Services

EDAPT Early Diagnosis And Preventative Treatment

EAST Early Assessment Support Team

CSAT Inventory of Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Practices

Care Management for High Need Consumers

Care Management of Patients With Complex Healthcare Needs

High Performing Mental Health/Substance Use Provider

The Patient-Centered Medical Home Neighbor: The Interface of the Patient-Centered Medical Home With Specialty/Subspecialty Practices

Person Centered Healthcare Home Participation

Healthcare Home Involvement

Behavioral Health/Primary Care Integration and the Person Centered Healthcare Home

Substance Use Disorders and the Person-Centered Healthcare Home

Oregon Standards and Measures for Patient Centered Primary Care Homes

Summary of the National Demonstration Project and Recommendations for the Patient-Centered Medical Home

Washington Change Package

AIMs Evidence Based Stepped Care for Depression and Alcohol Abuse

Participation in FQHC Expansion

HHS announces the availability of up to $335 million to boost access to primary health care

Business Infrastructure – Measure and Get Paid

Meaningful Use Excerpts from Final Rule

Quality Improvement Infrastructure

Washington State Mental Health Transformation Project Measures of Statewide Performance

Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care,ind%3D61%26tf%3D6%26ch%3D32%252C112,ind%3D123%26tf%3D10%26ch%3D32%252C19,ind%3D65%26tf%3D6%26ch%3D32%252C125&loc=6&bloc=1

Consumer Advocacy – Helping Consumers Obtain Coverage & Services

Mental Healthcare Reform and Parity

Mental Health Parity Watch

Health Reform and the Insurance Expansion: Does your State Have an Enrollment Strategy?